Resident Evil 4 Remake in Unreal Engine 5 Shows What the Game Could Look Like on Next-Gen Consoles

Resident Evil 4 Remake Unreal Engine 5 UE5
Yes, an official Capcom release is coming to the PS5 next year, but what if you wanted to see what a Resident Evil 4 remake would look like on next-gen consoles now? TeaserPlay created a concept trailer in Unreal Engine 5 to show you just that, but there’s no word on if a playable demo will become available.

What really made Resident Evil 4 stand out from its predecessors is the gameplay, which combined action, shooting, and resource management elements. The official Resident Evil 4 Remake for the PS5 retains the essence of the original game, while reimagining the storyline and modernizing the graphics. Didn’t like the controls of the original? They are also being updated to meet the standards of today. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on if we’ll see a first-person RE4 anytime soon.

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