New Gameplay Footage of Canceled Kirby for Nintendo GameCube Surfaces

Canceled Kirby for Nintendo GameCube Gameplay Footage
Rare footage of a canceled Kirby for Nintendo GameCube game has surfaced, and while it only offers a glimpse (9-seconds), the gameplay does appear to be a mix of 2.5D and 3D elements. Sure, there was Kirby Air Ride, released on October 13, 2003 in North America, but this canceled game is a full-fledged 3D platformer that probably would have been a huge hit and similar to Kirby 64.

The working title was just ‘Kirby for Nintendo GameCube’ and first announced in 2004 with this gameplay footage appearing to be recorded at the E3 2005 conference. As you can see, there are power-ups and some unusual enemies not seen in other Kirby games. As for the plot, it’s centered around how King Dedede stole Kirby’s Warp Star and now the character is trying to get it back. What we really want are these custom GameCube Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch.

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