Google I/O Pinball Game, Built on Flutter, Blurs the Line Between Web and Smartphone Apps

Google IO Pinball Game Flutter Android App Web
The Google I/O developer conference is set to kick off tomorrow and to celebrate, the team released a web-based pinball game. This pinball game blurs the line between the web and smartphone apps, built on Flutter, a software development kit (SDK) with prewritten code. It consists of ready-to-use and customizable widgets, as well as libraries, tools, and documentation that can be used together to build cross-platform apps.

Google IO Pinball Game Flutter Android App Web
You won’t have to register or create a user to start playing, just head on over to the website. After loading up everything, just pick a character: Bugdroid (Android mascot), Dino (Google game character), Dash (Dart mascot), or Sparky. The background and pinball cabinet theme change depending on which character you choose, but gameplay remains consistent regardless. Want something you can actually touch? This Nintendo Switch pinball machine should do the trick.

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