Gamer Creates Functional Cardboard Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance SP in 2003, but many years later, Peter Knetter has created a cardboard of sorts that actually functions to some degree. The process is quite straightforward, yet slightly tedious, since it involves disassembling a real Game Boy Advance SP for its hardware. Next, the case was used to trace out the cardboard pieces, all of which had to be cut by hand.

Now a Game Boy Advance SP wouldn’t be complete without a folding hinge, so multiple pieces of cardboard were glued together for that. After countless hours of work, the cardboard GBA SP was finally complete and a real Tony Hawk’s Underground cartridge was inserted to test it out. It’s safe to say that this is one handheld console you probably shouldn’t bring on the road due to its fragility. On the other hand, there’s this custom Game Boy Advance SP-inspired Portable Wii.

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