Elon Musk Takes Us Inside SpaceX’s Starbase to See Where Starships are Assembled in New Video

Elon Musk SpaceX Starbase Tour Starship
The team at Everyday Astronaut was fortunate enough to get a personal tour of SpaceX’s Starbase where we get to see the Megabay. This structure will house 10-12 workstations, while the high bay adds an additional two stations, enabling SpaceX to work on up to 14 rockets simultaneously. We also learn that the excess gas produced by the Starship’s main engines will now be used for maneuvering thrusters rather than separate cold gas units.

Currently, there are SpaceX employees working around the clock (24/7) in 12-hour shifts with 4 days on then 3 off followed by 3 days on and 4 off—to enable continuous Starship manufacturing. Specialized equipment designed to handle each task of serial Starship production make this possible, while a 1 MW solar farm and a 3.8 MWh battery supply some of the required electricity. There’s no word yet on what the interior of Starship looks like, but this video gives us a pretty good idea.

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