Baby Foxes Discover GoPro Hero 9 on the Ground in Slovakia, Curiosity Ensues

Photo credit: Victor Čech via Peta Pixel
Victor Čech, a nature photographer from Slovakia, set out to make a video journal about foxes, but discovered that his GoPro Hero 9 Black was not in its original spot. So, he removed the memory card and reviewed the footage, only to find that it was just a group of curious baby foxes that may have confused it for food.

Since 2009, Čech has been photographing wildlife, although it wasn’t until last year that he started experimenting with recording footage. He has been surveying this fox hot spot for the past two years, located in the area of Tueric, Slovakia, but wasn’t lucky enough to get footage like this until recently. We’re just waiting for Apple to release an action camera, like the AirCam.


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I set up the GoPro to try and capture the foxes and then 15 minutes after sunset, the foxes appeared and started playing and chasing each other. They also discovered my GoPro. I use a GoPro Hero 9 and firmware from GoPro labs with motion detection, [and] it works very well,” said Čech to Peta Pixel.

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